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GAME 1 & 2 RECAP: Yankees Take First Two Games; 5-1 and 5-2

By Unknown author

Neither game so far has been a “blow out,” but they have exposed the difference between a great team and whatever you want to call the Mets.

In game one, Jonathon Niese was hit hard. The southpaw surrendered nine hits (including three doubles), three earned-run, two walks, and seven strikeouts in six innings. Niese kept the game close, but Pedro Beato and D.J. Carrasco let the Yankees pull away. In addition, aside from Jose Reyes and Justin Turner, the Mets bats were mostly silent against the usually hittable Ivan Nova.

Game two was arguably worse.

Other than losing the game, the Mets also fell pray to another injury–Jose Reyes. Reyes left the game with an apparent hamstring injury. Considering his history with leg injuries (i.e. strained calf, torn right hamstring), most fans will hold their breath until the MRI results are reported.

Similar to Niese, Dillon Gee was too hit hard. The Yanks collected two doubles, a triple, and a homerun off Gee. In total, Gee surrendered seven hits, four earned-run, three walks, and seven strikeouts in seven innings. The Mets hit Yankees pitchers harder than game one, but failed to capitalize on any of it. In fact, despite four extra-base hits, the Mets left six runners on-base. Lucas Duda was the only Mets with a multiple-hit game too.


  • Jon Niese pitched six innings, giving-up nine hits, three earned-runs, two walks, and seven strikeouts. Niese surrendered three doubles to Mark Teixera, Robinson Cano, and Eduardo Nunez. The loss dropped him to 7-7.
  • The Mets had zero extra-base hits.
  • The offense mostly struggled aside from Jose Reyes, who went 2-5 with two singles, and Justin Turner, who went 3-5 with three singles.
  • Jason Bay went 1-3 with a walk and run-scored. Since June 11, Bay has posted a .314/.372/.429 line.


  • Dillon Gee certainly is no longer “un-winnable.” Gee dropped his second game of 2011, hurling seven innings, giving-up seven hits, four earned-runs, three walks, and seven strikeouts.
  • Tim Byrdak also was not on top of his game. The lefty surrendered a homerun to Eduardo Nunez in the ninth inning.
  • Jose Reyes went 1-1 before leaving the game to injury.
  • Carlos Beltran, Lucas Duda, Justin Turner, and Dan Murphy each collected a double.
  • Angel Pagan drew a walk and swiped his fourteenth base of the season.