New York Mets News

Something To Say To Mike Puma, Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes

By Michael Rosenbloom

This is still a blog, right? Therefore I can just give my opinion if I come across something that really irks me? Right? Good, because that’s what I’m doing.

On our general baseball blog, Call to the Pen, lead writer Blaine Blontz wrote a blurb about an article that came out in the New York Post today from Mike Puma that Carlos Beltran would waive his no-trade clause to accept a trade “to a contender”. The actual headline reads: “Beltran would OK trade from Mets to contender.”

I’m sorry, did I miss something?

Didn’t the Mets just take two of three from the division-leading Rangers over the weekend? Didn’t they just come out and destroy the division-leading Tigers last night? Haven’t they scored 36 runs in three games? Aren’t they only five games out of the wild card with a lineup and rotation full of journeymen and career backups? Aren’t they above the .500 mark?

I don’t understand why everybody is so quick to write off this team. Nobody gives Terry Collins or Sandy Alderson ANY credit for what they have done with the Mets this season. This is NOT a bad team. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

Look, I get it. The Mets aren’t the Phillies. Nobody is the Phillies. The Phillies are barely the Phillies. But just because the Phillies are the class of the league, that means a team in the hunt for a wild card berth is no longer a contender? Could the Mets beat the Phillies in a five or seven game series right now? Probably not. But this is a message to Mike Puma and everybody else out there who are so quick to throw the Mets in the gutter. This team is a contender. They are a contender with a lineup and a rotation many of us wouldn’t throw on a AA field.

I always wonder what happened to player loyalty. I’m not talking so much about Beltran here, but when I read stories about how Jose Reyes is definitely going to leave because the Mets can’t offer him enough money. This constant trade talk is annoying and distracting. Let me ask you a question Jose, is there REALLY a huge difference between 110 million and 130 million dollars? When we are dealing with numbers that high, what’s the difference? I highly doubt you are going to look at 110 million and say, “well damn, I can’t afford to feed my family with that! I need that extra 20 million”.

To me, that is like growing up in New Jersey, spending my entire life in it. New Jersey has sheltered me, fed me, taught me how to be a man and got my career started. Then somebody comes up to me one day and says, I’ll give you 110 million to stay in New Jersey, BUT I will give you a 130 million to move to Montana. Well you know what, I’m loyal to New Jersey and I’m staying. It’s still 110 million dollars.

Remember Cal Ripkin Jr., and his loyalty to the Orioles? That was classic, that was beautiful. Is there a single player out there who could follow Ripkin’s example? It’s all about money now. Where is Albert Pujols going? To the team that offers the most. (Again, what is the difference between 300 million and 270 million?) How about Cliff Lee? The highest bidder. How about some loyalty to the team that made you who you are?! Jose, you are a homegrown talent, don’t let money blind you. New York is your home.

Okay, sorry, had to get that out. These types of things bother me, when sportswriters are blinded to what’s really going on. I used to just go with it and laugh along and say “yeah, the Mets suck”, but no more. They don’t suck. I have more hope for this team than I have in the past four years and I’m done making excuses for people who aren’t paying attention.