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A Mets Fan Just Believes

By Unknown author

In addition to being a lover of baseball, I also enjoy going to Broadway.  I happened to catch some of the Tony Awards last week and saw performance from the show that would eventually take home Best Musical, The Book of Mormon, written by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone and Avenue Q writer Robert Lopez.  I haven’t seen the show yet, but really want to, and the performance only increased said desire.   Andrew Rannells belted out “I Believe,” a song about regaining your faith just because of who you are and what you believe in (again, I haven’t seen the show, so I have no context in which to place this song).  And then it dawned on me: this song relates to being a Mets fan.

Maybe I just see the Mets everywhere, or maybe I wanted to marry baseball and theater.  Either way, I was inspired to write new, Mets-based lyrics to the tune of “I Believe.”  I had fun writing them, and if I had a better voice I’d record my version and become a YouTube star  (or maybe Rannells would like to record a new version)?  But for now, here is the performance from the Tony Awards and here are the original lyrics.  Feel free to sing along!

Ever since I was a child, I cheered with all my might
So what happened?
From Piazza and Fonzie to Reyes and Wright
So what happened?
It was supposed to be all so rewarding, getting the big victory
But somehow I became cynical
Oh, what’s the matter with me?

I’ve always rooted hard all season
Even when all hope seemed gone
No matter who the opponent was
What do they have-come on?

Hallday, Lee, Oswalt, Hamels
What’s so scary about that?
I believe the Mets can beat them
No matter how many games they are back
So I put on my jersey and say
The words Mets fans live by every day

I believe that the Mets have a chance at the playoffs
I believe that Ike Davis and David Wright will return soon
And I believe, that Jose Reyes will sign a new contract this offseason
I am a Mets fan
And a Mets fan just believes

Ever since Tug coined that phrase
It’s been the credo of us all
The problem is when they lose a lot
Then it’s like hitting a wall

But for some reason we keep on believing
No matter how bad thing seem
Time to show MLB what we’re all about
That we love an Amazin’ team

I believe that Johan will pitch this season
I believe that Dickey’s knuckleball is un-hittable
And I believe that Dillon Gee is the second coming of Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and John Smoltz
I am a Mets fan
And, dang it, a Mets fan just believes

I know it seems like Fred and Saul
Are always screwing up
But soon we’ll have a new guy whose in charge

He goes by David Einhorn
And he worked out a sweet deal
Just a few more years
And he’ll be ours

I believe that Chipper Jones is the devil
I believe that Jimmy Rollins is pure evil
And I believe that Derek Jeter’s stupid jump throw is absolutely ridiculous
You can be a Mets fan
If you just hate the Yankees

So don’t you feel the excitement?
When you root in the Citi Field stands?
It feels so incredible
To be cheering with other Mets fans

So I proudly throw on my blue and orange
And dream what the Mets can achieve
As I think about what Tug once said
His words were Ya Gotta Believe

I believe that Jason Bay will emerge from his slump
I believe that Daniel Murphy always tries real hard
And I believe that Justin Turner can never do any wrong no matter what
Just maybe, the Amazins will win it
Even if there’s no chance, I’ll believe it
I am a Mets fan
And, by gosh!
A Mets fan just believes
Ya Gotta Believe
I believe