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Time to Worry: Pedro Beato

By Unknown author

Pedro Beato‘s first eleven games for the Mets was like a Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan flick–at first, a successful Mets/Beato relationship seemed unlikely (even laughable), but as time went on, the couple seemed destined for everything and more. However, since coming off the disabled list, the Rule 5 pick has been anything but a Hollywood love story.

Since being reinstated to the Mets, Beato has posted a 11.57 ERA, 1.92 WHIP, and 1.00 K/BB in 9.3 innings. Granted, it was never realistic to think the righty, who had not pitched above Double-A before this season, would continue to go run-less in 2011, but his dismal performance post-injury is worrisome. How could Beato go from nearly unhittable to the league’s rag doll?

Keith Hernandez noted in the broadcast that Beato’s sinker has been lacking sink. In fact, his “sinker” has been staying up in the zone, and has even lost a few mph (from low-90’s to high-80’s). In addition, another issue for Beato has been his splits with bases empty versus men on. The reliever owns a dominant .167/.262/.204 line against when there’s no one on, but a vulnerable .317/.341/.488 line against with the bases occupied. Interestingly enough, of the five outings where Beato has surrendered runs, four of them have resulted in multi-run innings. Essentially for Beato, when it rains, it pours.

It’s pretty obvious Beato, despite his early success, needs more minor league seasoning. However, due to his Rule 5 status, Beato will have to make his adjustments at the major league level–otherwise the Mets would risk losing him back to the Baltimore Orioles. Unless Beato can somehow channel his pre-injury self, the Mets (and their fans) will be in-store for a long, disappointing season from the young pitcher.