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Game 1 Recap: Phillies Take Advantage of Mets Miscues, Win 6-4

By Unknown author

If I were to tell you the Mets received a sterling one-earned run outings from their starting pitcher and collected fourteen hitters from their offense, you would probably think it would only mean good things. Wrong. The Mets did just that against the Phillies, but were still unable to pull-away with the victory. Chris Capuano pitched a fantastic six inning performance, giving-up just six hits, one earned-run, one walks, and struck-out eight batters. Even the Mets offense came alive, led by Jose Reyes, Justin Turner, and recently-returned Angel Pagan–but pivotal errors opened the door for a Phillies victory.


  • Chris Capuano did not factor into the decision, but he arguably pitch his best game of the season. The lefty hurled six innings, giving-up six hits, one earned-run, one walk, and struck-out eight Phillies hitters.
  • Pedro Beato settled-down from the last series (5 ER in 1.6 IP) for a scoreless inning, but the rest of the bullpen didn’t take a page out of his book. Jason Isringhausen and Francisco Rodriguez combined for four earned-runs in just 1.6 innings (including a total of seven hits and one walk). K-Rod was saddled with the much-deserved loss.
  • Jose Reyes went 2-5 with a double, single, and three runs-scored.
  • Justin Turner went an almost perfect 4-5 with a double, RBI, but was caught-stealing.
  • Angel Pagan’s return to the Mets was bittersweet. While he went 2-4 with a stolen-base and a run-scored, he also made a key error (a missed catch).
  • Dan Murphy collected his second stolen base of 2011.