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Fernando Martinez Needs Quality PT

By Unknown author

Fernando Martinez, who was called up from the minors when Ike Davis went on the DL, hit a key pinch hit home run in last night’s Met/Astros game.  The homer cut the Astros lead to 4-3, and eventually led to a Mets come from behind 6-4 victory. 

It was only Martinez’s second career major league homerun. Martinez is beginning to show more power at the plate.  He hit home runs in consecutive games for AAA Buffalo before being called up and followed it up with last night’s blast.

Martinez needs to be given regular playing time in order for the Mets to see if he can become part of their future core.  In his first two games since being called up by the big club, he came off the bench.  I do not see this benefiting Martinez.  He has been a starter his entire life.  With all the time he has missed due to injury, he will only get better by playing on a regular basis against major league competition.

Jason Pridie has done a nice job filling in for Angel Pagan, but most of us know he is not a starting outfielder.  Pridie should move into the 4th outfielder role and Martinez should be starting in center.  Martinez has the ability to play center, and of the three outfield positions, I thought center was where he looked best.  The only reason why the Mets moved Martinez to the corner outfield positions was because of Beltran, and Beltran playing center is no longer an issue.

Martinez was once considered to be the crown jewel of the Mets farm system, but injuries and poor play in the majors have taken the bloom off the rose.  Martinez is still only 22 years old and can still prove he was worthy of all the hype.