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Series Recap: A Lot of Rain (and Wins for the Mets)

By Unknown author

The crumby weather was the most noticeable theme of the week, but the Mets stealing two from Rockies–after getting swept in four games in April–was the biggest take-away. Mets pitchers Chris Capuano and Mike Pelfrey both pitched well in their respective outings, and Jon Niese came away with the win despite a five earned-run performance. The bats really woke up in the series finale, including an outstanding performance by Carlos Beltran (three two-run home-runs). To say at least, the Mets look like a completely different team than the last time they faced the Rockies.

METS GAME 1 HIGHLIGHTS (Rockies Win, 2-1):

  • Chris Capuano pitched 6.6 innings, allowing five hits, two earned-runs, three walks, while striking out four batters.
  • Carlos Beltran went 0-2, but drew two walks, and scored a run.
  • Ike Davis was the only Met to record a hit off Chacin, and did so twice.
  • Jason Bay drew a walk, and also knocked in the only RBI of the game.
  • Jason Pridie took two walks from the wild, but unhittable Chacin.
  • Taylor Buchholtz threw a scoreless inning, lowering his seasonal ERA to 1.45.


  • Jose Reyes went 1-4 with his twelve double of the season, and a run-scored.
  • Dan Murphy smacked two singles, and scored a run.
  • Ike Davis went 1-2 with two RBI before apparently straining his calf while knocking into David Wright on a pop-up. He is now on the disabled list.
  • Ronny Paulino continued his terror by going 1-3 with a walk, and run-scored.
  • Mike Pelfrey won his third game of the season behind a solid 6.6 innings, giving up six hits, three earned-runs, one walk, and two strikeouts. The pitcher also helped himself out with a two-RBI double.


  • Carlos Beltran went 3-5 with three two-run home-runs. That’s six RBI and three runs-scored, folks.
  • Jose Reyes knocked in the other two RBI with a single. He was also caught stealing.
  • Jason Bay stole two bases off a single.
  • Jon Niese pitched 6.3 innings, giving-up seven hits, five earned-runs, two walks, while striking out three. He was awarded the win, though he barely deserved it.