New York Mets News

Possible Free Agent Rotation Replacements

By Michael Rosenbloom

With the injury to Chris Young and very limited options in our farm system, the Mets very well might need to add a pitcher if another in the rotation goes down this season. Rising Apple has already looked at a few possible replacements in the minor leagues if it happens, but what about bringing a veteran pitcher to fill in a spot? There are a few out there that could be thrust into a role if necessary, let’s take a look at some of them:

1. Kevin Millwood

Last seen with the Baltimore Orioles in 2010, Millwood put together a horrid 4-16 record with a 5.10 ERA on one of the leagues worst teams. But way back in 2006, Millwood won 15 games with the Rangers and in 2005, he led the American League with an ERA of 2.86. Millwood signed a minor league contract with the Yankees on March 25th, but opted out of the contract after three starts. A move back to the National League might do him so good, and he could be an emergency starter with the Mets.

2. Jeff Weaver

Older brother of now phenom, Jered Weaver, Jeff has been bouncing between the majors and the minors basically his entire career. Weaver did not have his best stuff last season and muddled through with an ERA of 6.09 and 20 walks to 26 K’s for the Dodgers last season. He spent last season in relief, but has plenty of starting experience.

3. Pedro Martinez

Bit of a scary name to Mets fans, but Pedro is the type of pitcher who somehow pops up out of nowhere. He didn’t play in 2010 and I’m sure scouts would be concerned about his conditioning, but in a pinch, Pedro could be the guy the Mets attempt to bring in. I’m not sure a 40-year old Pedro would come back to help a struggling team with very little playoff hopes, but hey, I’ve seen crazier things before.

4. Jarrod Washburn

Technically retired, oh well. Like a professional athlete has never retired, then come back. Washburn’s last tenure in the big leagues was a forgettable one, going 1-3 with a 7.33 ERA in 8 starts. He is 36 years old and if they Mets get exceedingly desperate, Washburn should keep an ear out for his phone.

So yes, there aren’t many great options out there. But the Mets are one big injury to the rotation away from being the most desperate team in the majors. And with how often this team seems to get hurt, I’m kind of expecting it. Who would you bring in? One of these guys or someone else?