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Ralph Kiner Still on Point

By Unknown author

Hall of Famer and former Mets broadcaster Ralph Kiner spent some time with Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez in the broadcast booth for Sundays Mets/Dodgers game and made some very interesting points. Kiner might be 88 years old, but he still knows his stuff, especially on hitting.

Kiner was very critical of David Wright during his at bat in the 7th inning with runners on 2nd and 3rd and the Mets down 4-1. Wright had a 3-0 count and took two straight fast balls down the middle for strikes and eventually settled for a walk. Kiner sounded frustrated and even said Wright has to swing at the fast ball and should be able to crush a pitch thrown like that. When Wright walked, Kiner said it was a bad at bat and in that situation the walk was not helping the team. I felt the same way as Kiner and I am sure most Met fans did too.

Kiner disapproval of Wright became justified when Jason Bay, who has not had a big hit since leaving Boston, weakly flew out to left.   I give Kiner a lot of credit to come into the broadcast booth and be as honest as he was.  Too many times we see broadcasters carefully watch what they say, especially about a star player.  I really enjoy listening to Kiner and look forward to the next home stand when he stops by the broadcast booth, rightfully named for him.