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SF Giants Interested In Jose Reyes?

By Michael Rosenbloom

That’s the word from Scary thought for us Mets fans who expected to see David Wright and Jose Reyes playing next to each other until they retried. As we all know, Reyes’ contract is set to expire at the end of the season. The Mets are in serious debt at the moment and despite Reyes hitting .325 this season, the Mets are still 7 1/2 games out of first place and in the cellar of the NL East.

The defending champion Giants on the other hand, certainly could have a use for the 27 year old Reyes. They are currently treading water at 14-15 and are four games behind the Rockies in the NL West. They are 27th in the league in runs scored and 23rd in stolen bases. No official announcement has been made yet, but according to a source, the Giants have had “internal discussions” about acquiring Reyes. What this means, I have no idea.

The Giants lost their 3rd baseman Pablo Sandoval for seven weeks to surgery on his hand. They moved shortstop Miguel Tejada over to 3rd and utility man Mike Fontenot has taken over play at short. Neither players are performing well.

I understand the Mets need to clean house, save some money and start all over, but this move is just horrifying to me. Reyes and Wright have been staples of this organization since they came up and we have no suitable MLB-ready replacements for Reyes sitting around (Ruben Tejada is not the answer). Moreover, the value of having him in the leadoff spot is unmistakable. Reyes is batting a scorching .391 in the first inning and he’s been even better when leading off an inning, batting .409. In 335 games from 2005-2008, Reyes scored at least one run. The Mets’ record in those games? 237-98.

If Reyes really wants to stay in New York, he should consider the Ryan Braun approach. Braun easily signed for less money (5 years, 105 million) than he could’ve gotten in the free agent market, but certainly showed a desire to stay in Milwaukee. I’d love to see Reyes show his loyalty to the team that made him who he is.

The Mets are going to need to have a fire-sale as we approach the trade deadline. This team is not close in competing and we are seriously in some debt. I just hope they keep Reyes and Wright. I’m really concerned about fan interest if those two go. They are the New York Mets right now, and really the only reason many fans still get out to the stadium. What will happen to fan support if Reyes and Wright are suiting up for other teams?

It is pretty much known that Carlos Beltran is going to go, and the better he performs until then, the more we can get for him.  But regardless of how you feel about Reyes’ attitude, his injuries, etc, he is a catalyst when on the field and he need him at the top of our lineup.

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