New York Mets News

Reactions From The Sweep

By Michael Rosenbloom

Just finished watching the Mets sweep the Diamondbacks with an 8-4 victory today and I figured I might as well share some thoughts and observations from the weekend. The Mets have now won four in a row and look nothing like the team that started the season 5-13. With that said:

  • Where has this team been? What I love about watching this team hit is that THAT is what this team can do when fully healthy. Jason Bay came off the DL just in time and since his return, the Mets have heat up something serious. It’s scary to think how much of an offensive threat they can be if they could stay healthy the full season.
  • I need to stop blaming Citi Field for the Mets problems. The Mets have managed 8 home runs during their last four games, all at Citi. The outfield is big enough to be able to find a hole at any time. The Mets need to learn to take advantage of this fact, instead of trying to hit every pitch out.
  • I am a little concerned how comfortable the Mets get when they get a big lead. After going up 8-1 today, Jose Reyes went to field a ground ball hit in the hole. He backhanded it, and instead of stopping, planting and making sure he made an accurate throw, he threw it completely across his body, while on the run. The throw wasn’t great, but Ike Davis bailed him out. The slow-mo replay showed a large smile across his face as he threw it. Look, I know not every player is going to go their hardest every play, but I was started to get worried when the Diamondbacks slowly started creeping back. Nobody else seemed to be worried though, but knowing this team and the way they play late in games, they need to go all out until the final out.
  • Ike Davis is amazing. He should be feared and game-planned for. I expect him to be near the top of every 1B list in about two years, maybe less. It’s not that every at-bat should be a concern, but when he makes contact, he makes contact. He is a pleasure to watch, and I look forward to watching him for the next decade.
  • The pitching staff still worries me. I know they pitched well during this series, but let’s be honest we were playing the Diamondbacks. What happens when we play the Phillies or Cardinals or Marlins, teams that actually have some pop? If the Mets feel like ever becoming a contender, that needs to be the first area to address.
  • Daniel Murphy is not the long-term solution at second base. Sorry Murph, I like you, and I especially like the offense you bring to this team, but you have a long way to go to learn the fundamentals of playing second. I know you are a hard-worker, and I respect that, but I just don’t see you being the answer. Prove me wrong though, please.
  • David Wright is a great player, but I need to see him stop having some many slumps. There are so many times throughout a season where you could look at his performance and declare it MVP-like. But he always follows it up by falling into horrible slumps, like the 0-20 he just broke out of. I know every player has slumps, but I feel like it happens to Wright too often. If he could put together a full season like he managed this series, he would be an NL-MVP, for sure.

That’s it. This was a good series for the Mets and something they desperately needed. Before I start jumping for joy and declaring that the Mets are back though, I need to see them string together a few good series and some good pitching performances. Good start. Keep it going against the Nationals and Phillies.