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Is Dan Murphy the Starting Second Baseman?

By Unknown author

When the regular season began, Rule 5 pick Brad Emaus was tapped the starting second baseman, beating out Luis Castillo, Justin Turner, Luis Hernandez, and even Dan Murphy. However, two weeks into the season, it appears as though the tables have turned on the former Toronto Blue Jay prospect.

Dan Murphy, who is currently starting his second game in a row at second base, has arguably fared better at the plate (.240/.296/.360 line with 0 HR, 3 2B’s, 4 RBI, 3 R, and 1 SB in 27 PA’s), and actually has looked more comfortable in the field than Emaus. Emaus currently owns a .192/.266/.192 line with 0 HR, 1 RBI, 1 R, and 0 SB in 30 PA’s this season, doesn’t have any extra base hits, and has struck-out more than Murphy too. The natural second baseman has also made some clunky-looking players in the field, and often looks extremely over-matched against Major League pitching.

Regardless, the Mets are being careful about the words in regards to who is actually the starter, however manager Terry Collins stated, “Eventually you’d like to have the least amount of platooning as you can possibly do, I think. I think you need to have a pretty steady lineup. We’ll make some decisions on a daily basis.”

It appears that it’s a front office versus field manager “battle over mediocrity.” Riccardi likes his man (Emaus), and Collins likes his own (Murphy). But to Collins’ credit, he has been giving both guys a fair shot at the job, and it’s fair to assume whichever player goes on a hot streak will secure the gig.