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When Will the Mets Pull the Plug on Blaine Boyer?

By Unknown author

Boyer impressed Mets management this Spring when he posted a below 1.00-ERA clip–but his 4.26 ERA, 1.54 WHIP, and 1.00 K/BB ratio in 2010 should have spoken more to his “talents” then anything else. So far in 2011, Boyer has certainly been closer to his 2010 self than the one who dominated in Spring Training.

After notching his second blow-up loss of the season today against the Washington Nationals, the impulsively un-bearded reliever has collectively posted a dismal 0-2 record, allowing an astounding 13 hits, 8 earned-runs, 1 walk, and striking out just 1 batter in 6.6 innings. Considering the Mets have Pat Misch, Manny Acosta, and now Jason Isringhausen waiting in the wings, one has to wonder when the Mets will pull the plug on the Blaine Boyer experiment.

Since the Mets signed Boyer to a minor-league contract, there shouldn’t be any qualms about releasing him. Unlike releasing, say Oliver Perez, the Mets don’t have to worry about wasting millions of dollars and paying a player years from now. In contrast, the team would only owe Boyer a portion of the assuming cheap contract Boyer signed this past off-season. This hardly seems like a big price to pay for a player who has single-handedly lost two games already this season.

By just observing Boyer pitch, releasing the right-hander, and calling on one of Misch, Acosta, or Izzy would significantly improve the Mets bullpen. Unless the pitcher somehow redeems himself in the upcoming series against the Colorado Rockies, Boyer should be waiting in-line for unemployment checks by some point next week.