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Brian Cashman Claims Mets “Abused” Pedro Feliciano

By Unknown author

Another Bernie Madoff link to the Mets? No. How about Jeff Wilpon doing something stupid, like wanting to trade David Wright? Nope. Then J.P. Riccardi must have threatened to strangle a minor leaguer, right? Sorry, wrong again. This time, the New York Mets are getting called out by their much more popular older brother from across town, the New York Yankees. Brian Cashman, the General Manager of the Yankees, is claiming that the Mets “abused” Pedro Feliciano when he was on the Mets. Before one even delves into the possibility of his ludicrous claim, let’s get one thing certain–if Cashman feels this way, why did he sign Feliciano in the first place?

“Perpetual” Pedro was used in just about any situation by the Mets, however, considering right-handed hitter’s owned a .325/.417/.474 line against him since 2007, it merely suggests that the Mets misused Feliciano–not “abused.” Abusing a pitcher, at least in my mind, paints the picture of a player who is obviously injured, yet the manager still forces him to play. In reality, Feliciano happily took the ball any time he was called on, and was never placed on the DL in his career. Now, if Feliciano was playing hurt and was hiding it to prevent a DL stint, that’s his own doing–not the Mets.

On a human level, I can understand why Brian Cashman would be displeased about one of his big bullpen signings being placed on the DL to start the season. But blaming another franchise for his disposition–especially since the old management is no longer in place–doesn’t make Cashman look any smarter. In short, Cashman is suffering from a common case of buyer’s remorse, however, he should take a good look in the mirror, and recall a time when Joe Torre used Scott Proctor in 102.3 IP out of the Yankees bullpen in 2006, and then how he was never the same pitcher…that seems more like “abuse,” no?