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Tim Byrdak Needs Your Help

By Unknown author

When it comes to getting left-handed hitters out, Tim Byrdak has got his bases covered–but the new Mets reliever does need help picking an entrance song for home games. According to Mike Silva (via Metsblog), Byrdak plans to let fans pick the song that will play in Citi Field when the specialist comes into a game. The voting process isn’t taking place on a reality television show and Byrdak won’t count raised hands at the opener on April 8th–so how will this voting process go down?

All fans have to do is click here, and enter the song of choice, the artist, your name, and your email address. That’s it. If you’re having trouble thinking of songs, here are my suggestions: Freebird, Blackbird, Surfin’ Bird, or Bird Song.