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Jason Bay to Start the Season on the DL?

By Unknown author

The good news is that Bay isn’t having lingering concussion problems. The bad news is that he could still land on the DL before Opening Day. According to, New York Mets left-fielder Jason Bay could miss the start of the season due to an apparent rib cage injury. The outfielder had been tinkering with a new swing all of Spring Training–only to switch back to his old one–but all the extra hard work could have resulted in a muscle strain. More importantly, the injury leaves the Mets with a very thin-looking starting outfield.

With Jason Bay headed to the DL and Carlos Beltran always on shaky ground, the Mets could very well debut with an outfield of Angel Pagan, Lucas Duda, and Scott Hairston. As if the Mets 2011 outlook wasn’t bleak already, that outfield would easily be the worst in the division and probably the entire league. Relying on Beltran, despite looking healthy as of late, is the definition of risk. All it takes is one awkward step or swing for the feeble veteran to be back to square one, and on the DL for good.

Essentially, the Mets upcoming season is not only contingent on Bay showing why he commanded a four-year, $66 million contract, but also just having him show up. If the latter is in question, then fans should start getting cozy with being cellar-dwellers.