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Phillies Sign Luis Castillo

By Unknown author

Unlike 10% of the country, it didn’t take Luis Castillo too long to find a new job. The Philadelphia Phillies scooped up the former Mets starting second baseman off waivers in the hopes that he’ll help fill Chase Utley’s shoes until [or if] he returns from injury. While I’m sure the majority of Mets fans were thrilled about Louie’s departure last Friday, the Phils signing might make the release a little bittersweet.

The New York Mets play the Phillies 18 times over the course of the 2011 season, which means Castillo will technically have 18 opportunities to burn his former team. However, even though it would be such a typical Mets scenario for Castillo to somehow muster a couple game-winning homeruns or a string together an incredible rally-killing defensive play or two, you have to remember who we’re talking about here.

Luis Castillo had trouble fending off the likes of Alex Cora for playing time in 2010, and only posted a measly .235/.337/.267 line, 0 HR, 17 RBI, 28 R, and 8 SB in 299 PA’s. And for Phillies fans who think they’re at least getting a good defensive player, despite Castillo’s Golden Glove accolades, the veteran hasn’t been of that caliber since 2005 when he posted a 13.7 UZR/150 (according to FanGraphs).

Between the constant injuries, declining defense, and inability to hit the ball out of the infield, Castillo certainly won’t be missed. So Mets fans, do not fear–it’s just Luis Castillo.