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What New York Mets Gear You Should Be Buying in 2011

By Unknown author

For better or worse, when the Mets sign a big-name player, it’s usually a lock that his jersey will sell through the roof. It happened with Carlos Beltran back in 2005, and even with Jason Bay last season. However, the Mets didn’t really sign anyone of notable jersey-saleability during the off-season. I highly doubt any Chris Capuano, D.J. Carrasco, or Ronny Paulino jerseys will sell like hot cakes (or any kind of cake for that matter), but that’s not to say there won’t be a piece of intriguing Mets apparel to purchase.

I’m of course referring to the cool threads being created over at the MetsMadoff blog. On the surface, the $20 parody shirt embodies the true essence of a vintage New York Mets t-shirt–but the usual “Mets” script logo is subbed for a below-the-belt “Madoff.” The shirt isn’t anything less than brilliant, but one has to wonder if it’s meant more for Mets or Phillies fans. I, as a Mets fan, am split on wearing it, but it sure is tempting to at least buy one.