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Jason Isringhausen, Mets Reunion?

By Unknown author

You’ve probably read the rumblings on various Mets blogs about how Jason Isringhausen tried out for the New York Mets in Spring Training today. Surprisingly enough, those pictures of Isringhausen throwing a bullpen session in workout shorts are indeed not Photoshopped.

Isringhausen, who was originally drafted by the Mets and is also a founding member of the “Generation K,” hasn’t thrown a pitch in the majors since tossing 8 innings for the Tampa Bay Rays in 2009. “Izzy” spent most of the 2010 season rehabbing, but managed to pitch 5.6 unremarkable innings (9.53 ERA, 1.94 WHIP, 5 K’s, and 7 BB’s) for the Reds Triple-A franchise.

Since Isringhausen hasn’t been a game-changing pitcher in about three seasons, it’s hard to believe the Mets will take a serious look at the long-time righty–but then again, the Mets themselves aren’t in a position to turn away help. It’s fair to assume that Isringhausen no longer has the goods to close, but how about handling the 8th or 7th inning? According to Mets Assistant General Manager, J.P. Ricciardi, “[Jason Isringhausen] threw the ball well [during his bullpen session].” We’re not sure if “well” means “well for a geezer” or “well enough to make the roster,” but it’s still something to chew on.

Granted, it would take the 38 year-old reliever a little bit of time to get into “game shape,” but if he’s fully rehabbed, there’s a chance Izzy could give Mets fans a little taste of what could have been all those years.