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Mets Sign Scott Hairston to Minor League Deal

By Unknown author

It looks as though Sandy Alderson is collecting former San Diego Padres this week (first signing Chris R. Young yesterday), as Mets fan can now add outfielder Scott Hairston to the list. There have been whisperings of a Hairston/Mets marriage during the off-season, but when they signed Willie Harris last week, the rumored union seemed unlikely.

Scott Hairston, the former 2001 Arizona Diamondbacks draftee, has long been a “stat-head” pick. Hairston’s knack for getting on-base and displaying good power in the minors turned a lot of heads, but his pure bad luck with injuries has prevented him from utilizing his exciting skill-set in the majors. Despite being incapable of playing a full-season, Hairston has showed promise in various short stints

–including in the second half of 2007 by posting a .287/.337/.644 line with 8 HR, 20 RBI, and 16 R in 95 PA’s and again in the first half of 2009, by posting a .299/.358/.533 with 10 HR, 29 RBI, and 26 R in 216 PA’s.

However, from 2008 to 2010, Hairston posted an dismal .245/.305/.432 line. While he also averaged 15 HR per season those three seasons, his lost OB skills and mediocre glove arguably prevent him from ever being a consistent starter, and to a certain extent, a dependable bench player. Regardless, Hairston will most likely win a bench spot as the Mets 4th outfielder, with Willie Harris now carrying the “super utility” role. As a minor league signee, there’s no real strings attached, but his appeal as a “sleeper” is a few years (and more than a few injuries) too late.