New York Mets News

Shakeup at Rising Apple

By Adam Garnett

Hello loyal readers, relatives, and friends. You may have noticed a new name pop up in the author line of the last blog post. As of today, Ben Berkon has assumed the reigns as lead blogger for Rising Apple. Let’s welcome him aboard the site and let’s help him continue to make Rising Apple a place for enjoyable, informed Mets opinions and analysis.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to devote as much time as I would have liked to the site and thus decided to take step down to a contributor’s role. Right now, I still intend on adding my two cents on my beloved Mets in this space but, the plan is for me to also become a kind of roving NY blogger, by becoming a contributor to a bunch of the other blogs on the Fansided network (mainly the Knicks, Rangers, Giants, Jets and yes those hated Yankees). As always, those of you whom I am acquaintances with on Facebook will receive notifications of any new materials I post.

Thanks for the support over the past 17 months or so. Here’s to many more months of success. I trust I leave the controls in good  hands with Ben and Rob Colaianni, who will be joining Rising Apple as a contributor as well.