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Terry Collins Introduced As Mets Manager

By Adam Garnett

Holy crap! New Mets manager Terry Collins has a some serious energy. Maybe he can light a fire under guys like Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran. In case you didn’t get a chance to watch Collins’ recently concluded introductory press conference, the guy is a ball of fire. He was so fired up, and excited, he didn’t even to bother finish buttoning the #10 Mets jersey Sandy Alderson presented him before taking to the podium. During the question and answer portion of the presser, dude was literally walking back and forth, away from the podium to face his inquisitor before moving back to the twin microphones to talk 1,000 MPH. This all is a wee bit of a change from belly laugh, slo-mo Jerry Manuel.

Whether any of this energy translates into more wins and a clubhouse culture change…that certainly remains to be seen. I must say, I came away somewhat impressed by the man himself. I really like all that energy, especially infused into a team that has been criticized for lacking fire at times the past few seasons. Unfortunately, in Collins’ past stops as manager, it is this same fiery, in-your-face persona that eventually alienated him from many players with the Anaheim Angels and Houston Astros. Collins’ assured the throngs of media types and Mets fans that he is not Voldemort.

"“I’m full of energy, full of enthusiasm but I’m not the evil devil that a lot of people have made me out to be. I’ve learned to mellow a little bit…but my love for the game itself leads me to want the game to be played correctly.”"

We’ll find out soon enough whether Collins, who will become the 20th manager in Mets history, has indeed mellowed and learned his lessons from the troubles that beset him in his previous jobs. The fact is, Terry Collins has not been a Major League manager in 11 years and the game has changed during his time way from skippering.

What does it all mean? Who knows. What I do know is that now the front office structure and manager are in place, it is time to start cleaning out some trash on the roster. You know, the players. the guys who actually win an lose games. What I’m trying to say is that none of the off the field changes will matter too much unless there is talent to get the job done between the lines. Unfortunately (I seem to use that word a lot when blogging about the Mets), we shouldn’t expect any significant roster upgrades this year. Maybe a tweak here and there, but not enough to make this a playoff team I fear. Hopefully we’ll get some clarity when the Winter Meetings start on Dec. 6th. In Sandy We Trust.


A few notes Sandy Alderson divulged during his interview with Kevin Burkhardt on SNY.

  • Howard Johnson will not be back as hitting coach and will not be kept on the big league coaching staff. He will stay in the organization though. My freaking god. What took so damn long? Razor Shines has also been purged.
  • Chip Hale and Dan Warthen will remain on the staff. Their roles have yet to be determined
  • Omar Minaya has not yet decided whether he wants to remain on board with the organization. Alderson expects to talk with Omar after Thanksgiving to see what his plan is. Remember, the Mets still owe Omar in excess of $2 million, so he has a place with the Mets in some capacity if he so desires.