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Is Terry Collins the Man for the Mets?

By Adam Garnett

According to the Joel Sherman New York Post, former Houston Astros and Anaheim Angels manager Terry Collins has emerged

as a serious contender to take over the manager’s duties for the New York Mets. According to sources of Sherman, new GM Sandy Alderson is scheduled to interview Collins this weekend in San Diego. I have to admit, though I know who Collins is and remember him vaguely during his years on the bench, I really don’t know much else about him. My initial thoughts after reading Sherman’s report: I am not blown away by the prospects of this union, but I am intrigued.

Here are a few highlights of Collins’ bio I took from the the Post report:

He is a the fiery type of manger that Sandy Alderson spoke of in his introductory press conference. Sherman writes specifically that “Collins’ reputation is for being hard-charging and demanding, and wearing poorly on players”. Not sure I’m too keen on the whole wearing poorly on the players part, but I do like the idea of someone who is gonna kick some tail in the clubhouse with this seemingly lax bunch. Maybe when Alderson gave us a week ago about being open to a fiery manager taking the reins, it wasn’t Wally Backman he was thinking of, it was Terry Collins

Collins has a long standing relationship with Sandy Koufax, who as we all know, is like a god to the

Brooklyn born Fred Wilpon. Sherman reports that when Koufax was in Port St. Lucie during last season during spring training, he was there not to visit Wilpon, but Collins who was just beginning his current stint as Mets’ minor league field coordinator. Having Sandy Koufax in your corner certainly won’t hurt the 61-year old Collin’s chances to land the Mets gig

Collins has a respectable 444-434 career record on six seasons as a major league manager (3 each with the Astros and Angels). Yet, none of these teams every garnered a playoff berth. Maybe more damning is the fact that after Collins left each squad, the next managers (Mike Scioscia in Anaheim and Larry Dierker in Houston) and took their respective team’s on successful multiple-season postseason runs

I am still guessing we won’t have an answer for a few more weeks on who the next bench boss for the Mets will be, but if reports are correct, Terry Collins might now be in the driver’s seat to be that guy.