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Mets Pick Up Jose Reyes’ Option; Managerial Interviews Begin

By Adam Garnett

Didn’t get a chance to report this news from yesterday, but the Mets decided to pick up Jose Reyes’ $11 million option for 2011. This was obviously a no brainer and pretty much squelches any idea that the team is going to try and trade him this offseason. The question remains though….Will the Mets try and sign the 27-year old speed demon long term? Reyes hit 282 with 11 homers, 54 RBIs and 30 steals in 563 at-bats this season.

If I was writing the checks, I’d go ahead right now and give the man his dough. That is how much I think he means

to the Mets offensive attack and overall team makeup. For the 18,000 the time, as goes Jose Reyes, so go the Mets. You just have to hearken back to the middle of last season when the Amazins’ were playing their best ball and in the thick of things in the NL East. It is no coincidence that Reyes was tearing it up at that point and playing gold glove shortstop. There were Reyes runs aplenty to be witnessed. He is that special of a talent that he can carry a ballclub at times

On the flip side, I totally understand why the Mets are taking this approach with Reyes, not wanting to give up the big bucks to him at this juncture. One of the big knocks on Jose over the years has been his brittle physical nature. He has missed a ton of time the past two seasons with hamstring, oblique and thyroid issues after playing in an average of 158 games the four seasons prior. It appears to me that the Mets are giving Reyes an audition in 2011 to be able to remain healthy and productive and they will go from there. Sandy Alderon’s comments back this statement up:

"“Jose Reyes is one of the most dynamic players in the game and there never was any doubt about picking up his option A long-term deal is not out of the question. It is something we can certainly discuss at a future date.”"


On the manager front, The Mets begun the interview process today, talking with a internal candidates Bob Melvin and Dave Jauss. Melvin served as a scout for the team this past season and Jauss acted as Jerry Manuel’s bench coach. You know what I have to say about this news…..blah and blah.

One nugget of managerial news that just filtered out via a few minutes ago via Bob Klapisch’s twtiter feed is that Alderson is set to meet face to face with Wally Backman on Saturday in San Diego. While I still believe Backman has a limited chance of getting the gig, this is certainly interesting news.

Another bit of interesting news that filtered out today was that the Mets have suspended longtime equipment/clubhouse manager Charlie Samuels. The team released the following statement regarding the matter:

"“Last Wednesday, the Mets suspended Charlie Samuels indefinitely without pay. As this is an ongoing personnel matter, we have no further comment.”"

I am sure we’ll have more on this development in the coming days.