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RisingApple Looking for Contributors

By Adam Garnett

Since my last attmept at this wasn’t very comprehensive, I figured I’d try it again. RisingApple is looking to add to it’s ranks. Yeah, that means you Mets fans!

About a year and a half ago, I began writing about the New York Mets for Lord knows a thing or two has happened to this franchise the past two seasons and as the lead blogger for the site, I’ve had the opportunity to add my two cents to all the craziness. Fun stuff.  FanSided has become one of the most successful and widely read sports blogs on the internet and we are looking to expand.

Think you have what it takes to blog about your favorite team? Let me know. Here’s how:

  • Write a 500-1500 word article about the Mets.  This can be about any topic you choose but it should represent your best work and be fully edited.  Writing is one part ideas and one part presentation, and both carry a lot of weight.
  • Email your article (in pdf format or at least cut and pasted into the body of an email) to myself at Please put “Rising Apple Contributor Sample Blog” in the subject line.  I’ll review the sample articles before passing the best on to the Fansided MLB Leadership Council.
  • This should be obvious, but there shouldn’t be any profanity.  A “hell”, a “damn” – no problem. If they can say it on the radio, you can say it here. Strong opinions are necessary, but please be classy with them.

As a contributor on Rising Apple, you’d be expected to post one (1) article a week, but have the option to post more if you chose to do so.  Focus on prospects, stats, news updates – whatever you like, just be prepared to bring it. This is New York where anything goes.