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Sandy Alderson and Josh Byrnes Emerge as Finalists for Mets GM Slot

By Adam Garnett

“So, it is down to you, and it is down to me”


All you fans of the “Princess Bride” recognize that line from the movie I am sure. Well, now the line is apropos to the state of the Mets search to fill the vacant General Manager’s position. A bevy of media outlets are reporting that former Oakland A’s GM Sandy Alderson and former Arizona Diamondbacks GM Josh Byrnes are the two finalists to take the job.

The Mets informed the other four candidates they interviewed (Red Sox assistant GM Allard Baird, White Sox assistant GM Rick Hahn, Blue Jays assistant GM Dana Brown and Los Angeles Dodgers scouting director Logan White) today that they were out of the running for the job.

So it appears as if the race comes down to Byrnes and Alderson. My choice as you know is Texas Rangers GM Jon Daniels, who is still unavailable to be pursued because his team is busy battling the Yanks in Game 6 of the ALCS. I don’t see the harm in waiting until the Rangers are ousted from the playoffs (or win it all) to try and see if you can get Daniels to opt out of his Texas deal and come home to Queens. My guess is that through back channels, the Mets know Daniels is unwilling to jump ship and the he’s going to get rewarded handsomely by Nolan Ryan and Chuck Greenburg with a shiny new extension once the season is over.

(As an aside, I am actually sitting in the left field stands at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington as a NY1 employee covering the ALCS while I write this entry. The Evil Empire from the Bronx has taken up pretty much my whole month of October, thus I have not had a chance to post to the blog as often as I’d would have liked.)

The Twitterverse was abuzz earlier today when the news broke that Byrnes and Alderson would be the only two receiving invites back to Flushing for second interviews. Some folks in the know argued that Byrnes was the smarter pick for the Mets since he is much younger and possesses a more current grasp on the state of the MLB landscape having just been fired by Arizona this past season. Alderson has not been a GM since 1998 and one would think his depth of knowledge about the crop of players in MLB is a bit out of date.

Others argues that Alderson is the choice for the Mets due to the rich relationships and list  of contacts he’s amassed over his almost three decades as an executive. The respect he would command from not only other GMs but also meddlesome owner Jeff Wilpon is just what the doctor ordered for this woebegone franchise.

Whatever the case, I am a fan of either guy, especially when I think about neither one being Omar Minaya. I presume we’ll have answer by the time trick-or-treaters are out roaming the streets of America next weekend. Then it is on to the search for the next bench boss. Ain’t the Hot Stove League fun?