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Mets Offseason Preview: From My Prospective

By Unknown author

Hey readers, I’m back! I’ve been recovering from a fracture, and i’m finally back. How about we get down to business. As we all know the Mets are officially out of the postseason and . So, lets take a look at what we can expect from the Mets during this coming offseason.

Last offseason, the Mets were playing the waiting game with free agents. The only big free agent signing the Mets were able to get done during the offseason was Jason Bay. Bay was not able to produce anything during his first season with the Amazin’s. Bay’s season ended around the end of July when he smacked his head into the left field wall at Dodger Stadium, which caused him to suffer a concussion. He has had setbacks from that.

This offseason is considered by many to be the Mets “rebuilding” period. All season long, there has been countless speculation that Jerry Manuel, and GM Omar Minaya will lose their jobs when the offseason begins. Recently, there have been rumors and speculation about Joe Torre coming to Citi Field and manage the Mets (however, he has formally denied the rumors). There are other people who are being rumored to be a canidate for the job. The list ranges from Wally Backman, to Bobby Valentine. There are also several candidates for the GM position as well. Texas Rangers GM Jon Daniels has been rumored to take the job, but it seems unlikely.

As for free agency, i don’t know if the Mets will go after big-name players like Cliff Lee, or Carl Crawford. Many are suggesting that the Mets are going to trade players like Carlos Beltran, Jose Reyes, and even David Wright in order to younger and more agile. I believe with the performances (and offensive productivity) both David Wright and Jose Reyes have put up, i believe those two will stay put. I feel as though the Mets will only trade Carlos Beltran. I think that will be the case because of the fact that he is 33, going on 34 and has bad knees. He has also been injury-prone. He has spent alittle more time on the DL then he has played in a Mets uniform. Plus, Beltran is in the last year of his contract. So, it would not be as expensive if they traded him 3 years ago. I expect the Mets in return for Beltran to get some average to good prospects. I will be shocked however if they indeed pull off a trade that involves a great prospect, or great player (but thats unlikely).

So, let me lay down my picks for the Mets this offseason.

GM: I feel as though that it may end up going to someone inside the organization. I don’t think the Mets will lure Jon Daniels because of the fact that he built a postseason team this year with the Rangers, and the fact that the Rangers are now intact financially.

Manager: Man, this one is going to be a free-for-all. If the Mets are looking for attitude, and a guy who can help lead this team to a title, then i believe it will come down to Wally Backman, or Bobby Valentine. Although, the Mets may also wait until till other teams start making moves internally. We’ll have to find out what happens.

Trades: I believe there will be one trade. I think that Carlos Beltran will be traded, while Jose Reyes gets his option picked up, and David Wright will have a spot on the team next year, because of his productivity. Carlos Beltran isn’t the same guy we knew anymore. He has bad knees, he has been injury-prone, and its time to give Angel Pagan the centerfield spot because he has performed execptionally, and deserves the spot in CF.

Now that i’ve giving you my views on the offseason, we will have to see what happens during the offseason. Hopefully, the Mets can successfully rebuild and go after the World Series title next year. You never know readers.