New York Mets News

Johan Santana Done for Season

By Adam Garnett

It’s deja vu all over again for the Mets and Johan Santana. It has been confirmed that the Mets ace has tear of the anterior capsule of the left shoulder and he will miss the remainder of the 2010 season. Remember, Johan missed the last month or so of last season to have surgery to remove bone chips from his left elbow. Here is the official press release from the Mets:

"“An MRI at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan yesterday revealed that Mets pitcher Johan Santana has suffered a tear of the anterior capsule of the left shoulder. The injury is located on the front and bottom part of the shoulder close to the pectoral muscle, resulting in discomfort radiating through both the pectoral muscle and shoulder. Santana will undergo surgery in the near future and we anticipate he will be able to resume throwing in the spring."

Wow. I am stunned (well not really considering this is the Mets) that a sore pectoral muscle that forced Johan to leave the game back on September 3rd has turned into this. I am no doctor, but when you are talking about a pitcher and you are talking about surgery to the pitching shoulder, that is not a good combo. I remember recently hearing a quote from the oft-injured Kerry Wood that he’d rather have 10 elbow surgeries than have to come back from one shoulder surgery. That is an ominous soundbite for the future prospects of a 31-year old southpaw who has broken down with arm issues the last two seasons.

Guess we’ll get a shot, hopefully, to see some more of Dillion Gee the rest of the way. Who the hell put this curse on this franchise? Show your face damn it? At least we only have 3 more weeks of pain left.