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Check this Out: My NY Mets Journal

By Unknown author

I know you guys have probably seen or heard about this blog, but i wanted to share this with those who haven’t seen this site yet because i think this is a cool website to check out!

Its called My NY Mets Blog. Joe Petruccio, who works as an artist for a living, does recap drawings after every game. His goal is to have a season’s worth of game recaps in his journal without getting frustrated (or so it says in his blog description).

This blog really is pretty cool. Joe really does some amazing drawings and some of his cartoons are actually funny. They involve Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo in a box, like they are being shipped to Africa. On a couple of occasions, they even involve Jerry Manuel. I really liked those.

If you haven’t visited his blog yet, get over there and do so. He updates it every day (as long as there is a Mets game). He also takes a time out from the Mets on occasion and draws about the top baseball stories. You will like what this blog has to offer.