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Omar Minaya’s Job Maybe Not as Safe as First Thought

By Adam Garnett

According to’s Jon Heyman in his Daily Scoop column, the Mets may be in need of a big finish to the season to save Omar Minaya’s job. Here is a little sampling of what Heyman had to say about Minaya’s status:

"Minaya has been around New York most of his life, and he understands the score, even if no one is saying it publicly. He surely also understands a big finish is a boost he probably needs. Minaya would likely be reassigned to another position if he isn’t kept as GM. He is well-regarded in the organization and around baseball for having a keen eye for talent, being an outside-the-box thinker and a team player."

To quote our buddy Joe Benigno “From Jon Heyman’s keyboard to God’s ears” on this one. If you’ve read this blog before, you know my feelings on Minaya. I thought he should have been canned after the public skewering of then Daily News beat man Adam Rubin last season. Yes Minaya’s Mets teams are more than 40 games over .500 since he took over in 2005, but two late-season collapses and last season’s debacle should have been enough for the Wilpon’s to send Minaya packing, if not just for the purpose of washing the bad taste out of everyone’s mouth.

Knowing the Wilpons, they will be hesitant to pull the trigger on this one, simply due to the fact that Minaya is still owed over two million bucks. But, if they surprise the hell out of me and axe Omar, I’d love to see them bring in some young, fresh blood, a la Theo Epstein in Boston or Jed Hoyer in San Diego. Knowing the Wilpons, they would stay in house and hire assistant GM John Ricco or retread Wayne Krivsky, which I am sure would thrill the Mets fanbase to pieces.