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R.A. Dickey Should Be A Met in 2011

By Unknown author

I think its time to get away from the K-Rod saga, and talk about R.A Dickey. When the Mets called up R.A. Dickey in early May, no one ever knew who he was. All we knew was that Dickey was pitching in Triple-A Buffalo, and was having a great season. But, what we didn’t know was that this guy was on a roll ever since his first start. R.A Dickey won in his first 6 starts, which is a Mets record.

To me, i think that R.A. Dickey has been one of the rising stars in the Mets rotation, and in Major League Baseball. He reminds me of Tim Wakefield. He is a slow throwing pitcher with the knuckler. Until May, no one ever expected the knuckleballer to be pitching like he is now. Currently, R.A. Dickey is 8-5, with a 2.43 ERA in 17 starts. R.A is definitely pitching like he is the Mets ace, according to his stats. R.A. almost had a no-hitter against the rival Phillies, until rival Phillie pitcher Cole Hamels got the only hit of the game for the Phillies.

With the numbers R.A. is putting up, he clearly shows he belongs in the Mets rotation next season. Dickey apparently is locked in for 2011, due to arbitration in his contract. I think the Mets will bring him back next season, because R.A. will be great things next year. We will have to find out what the Mets do about R.A. Dickey. Because there are three ways they can handle R.A’s contract. They could go to Arbitration, they could tender him for next season, or they can just release him. If you release him, thats the biggest bonehead move in my opinion. I think the Mets will probably tender him to save some money. Because if you go through Arbitration, Dickey could get more money than what the Mets wanna pay him. Thats not good for the Mets.

To end this discussion, i think that R.A. Dickey should be a Met next year because of the surprising year he has had this season. Almost 10 wins, and a near no-hitter.