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K-Rod Placed On DQ’ed List; MLBPU to appeal

By Unknown author

The Mets are not paying K-Rod this season after the altercation with his girlfriends father, according to published reports. The Mets have told the MLB Players Union, K-Rod and his agent, and commissioner Bud Selig about the decision.

Omar Minaya said this on the future of the Mets star closer.

"“We do plan on bringing him back next year.”"

The buzz around the internet is suggesting that the Mets will bring back K-Rod next year, but on a non-guarunteed contract. But, the Mets may not be able to stick with the decision for long. According to Joel Sherman via twitter, MLB Players Union President Mike Weiner says the union will challenge the Mets decision. A hearing is expected within a few months.

There is talk going on back and forth about K-Rod and a possible release, and now they say K-Rod will return. I mean which is it? This is turning into the Brett Favre soap opera! Is he coming back, or is he done? This basically relates to that. If the Mets have to go up in front of the arbitrators about this issue, i expect that the Mets will have pay K-Rod. The reason being is because of the fact The Mets used him in a game the day after his suspension (K-Rod reportedly injured himself in the altercation, which leads us to this mess), could be enough for the arbitrator to let the Mets know that they have to pay him. But, we won’t know the fate of all this until a hearing is officially scheduled.