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Mets Look into Voiding K-Rods Contract? Apparently So

By Unknown author

As you’ve all read, K-Rod is now in deep trouble over the alleged assualt against his fiance’s father.  Because of this alleged fight, the Mets closer may be giving his slip out the door. According to published reports, the Mets are looking at all options, which includes voiding his contract.

The problem with voiding K-Rods contract, is that the Mets are going to have to battle the MLB Players Union over the incident. If the battle goes through an arbitrator, the arbitrator could use the game after the suspension was over (which he pitched) against the Mets. I don’t think the Mets want to go through more crap then they were before. Personally, i would try to trade him back for some good players, or prospects. That way, the Mets can save money.

This is just another chapter in the K-Rod saga. This saga makes the Mel Gibson saga look like a comedy sketch.