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Could Joe Torre Come Manage the Mets in 2011?

By Adam Garnett

Barring an amazing late-season run, it seems clear that Jerry Manuel will be out of a job with the Mets at the end of the year. Besides being a generally awful X’s and O’s manager, the fact that he is without a contract will likely lead to his ouster. That is how the Mets operate, as evidence by their apparent reluctance to jettison Omar Minaya due to the 2 years left on his deal. His grip on the GM job certainly doesn’t have to do anything with performance in building a winning squad.

But I digress. Back to the topic at hand. Who is going to lead this ballclub in the dugout next season and beyond. There has been some discussion in baseball circles that maybe the man for the job would be none other than Joe Torre, that guy who had a wee bit of success across town in the Bronx. Take a read at what loyal Mets fan and Rising Apple reader Mike Nitzky has to say on the matter:

"Yesterday, Ken Rosenthal reported Joe Torre would only consider managing the Mets if he didn’t return to the Dodgers. As a Mets fan for nearly three decades, I no interest in Mr Torre returning to Queens. Younger fans may forget that Torre ran this team during the dark days of the franchise, from ’77-81, his first managing gig. He never won 70 games & while I would never suggest Torre is the same manager now that he was then, he is not the right fit for this team.Torre is a manager for a veteran team & World Series contender. And while some Mets fan may consider this team is a playoff bound this or next year, the ownership has decided to go the youth route, for whatever reason. Torre turned 70 years old this year & if you watch him with the Dodgers this year, you realize that his best years are behind him. Don’t get me wrong, Torre is a hall of fame manager & a good former Met player, but there’s no reason we need to recycle a former Yankee great instead of looking for a new face to run the Amazins’."

It is hard for me to argue with what Mike is saying here. As much as I’d love the juicy headlines a second Torre reign with the Mets would generate, they need to go in a different direction. They need a fiery, young character who is ready to bulid a team of young talent into a perennial title contender (see: Wally Backman). Mike is right. Torre, if indeed he leaves the Dodgers and even wants to manage anymore, would be best served managing a veteran bunch.

Besides, it is going to take a whole boatload of cash to convince Mr. Torre to hold off spending the majority of his remaining days at his Maui digs. That is something the Mets in their current financial state would be reluctant to do one would think. Certainly some delicious food for thought though.