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Fan Sues Mets, MLB Over Injuries by a Broken Bat

By Unknown author

After losing 2 of 3 tho the Philadelphia Phillies over the weekend, it seemed as though the Mets were at their lowest point of the season. Today, it appears as if the Mets may have reached an even bigger low.

According to published reports, a fan has filed a lawsuit against the Mets, Major League Baseball, 2B Luis Castillo, and former Mets catcher Ramon Castro for head injuries he suffered three years ago at Shea Stadium when bat fragments struck him in the face.

You may be asking why is Castillo and Castro  are named in the lawsuit? The reason is because Castillo was the player who had the bat at the plate when the fan suffered the injuries, and the bat that Luis was using belonged to Ramon Castro.

Major League Baseball and Rawlings (the manufacturer of the ill-fated bat) had no comment.  On the other hand, The Mets had this to say about the lawsuit.

"“We generally don’t comment on these types of matters.”"

The only thing you can ask now is….what’s next? Maybe the Mets will bring in Isiah Thomas as a consultant.