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Fernando Martinez, Ruben Tejada scratched from Triple-A Start

By Adam Garnett

It is still somewhat of a mystery, but according to Adam Rubin of, the Mets may have a trade in the works. As reported by multiple outlets earlier last night, Fernando Martinez and Ruben Tejada were taken out of the lineup prior to the Buffalo Bisons game. Usually, this occurs if a trade in imminent or if a player is due to be called up to the big club.

Rubin reported that it appears as if F-Mart could be on his way to the Seattle Mariners if his sources are correct. Tejada, is not expected to be in the deal and thus could be called up if the trade involves a player from the Mets current 25-man roster (Please, please, please be Luis Castillo).

Obviously, if anything does indeed materialize, it will be too little too late. This season is shot. F-Mart really hasn’t gotten a proper shot to show his stuff with the Mets on the major league level and is only 21 years old. Granted, he has been extremely injury prone already at such a young age, but what I saw in his limited time last season and this year in spring training, I think he still has a huge upside. If these reports hold merit, that upside may only have a shot to be realized with another team.

I’ll end it on this note by playing the ultimate cynic/pessimist. What if, the Mets are so financially ravaged, that they are forced to give up Martinez just to be able to get rid of Castillo’s horrific contract which still has another full year left on it? Is anything beyond the realm of possibility at this juncture. I mean just two days ago, Fred Wilpon essentially gave a thumbs up to Omar Minaya returning next year as GM and said his son is doing a great job running the team. Everyone knows that, right?

More tomorrow as this situation plays itself out…..