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Fred Wilpon Sticks Middle Finger Up At Mets Fans: Omar Will be Back

By Adam Garnett

Guess what folks. It looks like your bumbling fool of a General Manager, Omar Minaya will be back in the saddle for another season. Mike Puma of the NY Post details the response he got earlier today from Principal owner Fred Wilpon when pressed about Omar’s status as GM. Uncle Freddy was at an SNY/UCONN event earlier today in East Hartford, CT.

We are the NY Mets, where futility is accepted and screwing our fans is the norm. There are multiple layers to this genius Wilpon proclamation, but as always with this organization, everything comes back to money. You see, Minaya is signed through 2012 and is owed more than $2M for that time. Do you think the Coupons would actually consider cutting bait with an employee they owe that much dough to? C’mon now.

Despite my desire to see a regime change in the decision making ranks, I really don’t blame Omar for the putrid stretch the Mets have encountered over the past few seasons. His hands are basically tied. Yes the Mets gave a big money deal to Jason Bay in the offseason (which cleary was just a facade to deceive Mets fans of the team’s financial difficulties) but you know Omar would have made a move at the deadline or before if he were really in control. The problem is, I believe Jeff Wilpon is at the controls and that my friends is not good. In fact check out what Freddy said about Jeffy during that same exchange with the Post:

"To further infuriate his fan base, Wilpon also gave a thumbs up on the job performance by his son, team COO Jeff Wilpon. As Fred Wilpon ducked into a chauffeured automobile he was asked about the job Jeff is doing, “Excellent,” Fred Wilpon said. “Everybody knows that.”           –Mike Puma, NY Post 8/5/10"

I am not sure how many times I have said it or how many more times I will say it in the future but until someone else assumes ownership of this franchise, it is doomed to be a laughingstock of baseball for years to come. 2006 seems oh so long ago. So much promise. David Wright and Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran were here to carry the squad for years to come. Multiple National League pennants were a real possibility. All of that is just a sweet memory now. This team slips further and further into the doldrums as each day passes and the hierarchy continues to make one bonehead decision after another. The last hope we have is that Madoff really did wipe out Sterling Enterprises and Fred and Jeff will be forced to sell the team.

I would say that maybe the prospect of bringing in a new manager could inject some optimism in an increasingly dreary fanbase,

but I am not sure even Wally Backman could right this ship. The structural damage that has been done could be irreparable. The only development that could save the Mets from a future as one of the have nots in baseball would be an explosion from the youth of this team. If Ike Davis turns into an MVP-level caliber player and if Jon Niese blossoms into a full-fledged lefty ace, then maybe we’d have something to get excited about. You know somehow the Mets would deal those two guys away for Kris Benson or Victor Zambrano.

I know I am being quite the defeatist, here but how many times can one set of loyal patrons be beaten down before you just can’t take it anymore? I am hoping the team suffers some major embarrassment in Philadelphia this weekend and when the squad comes back to Citi Field on Tuesday to host the Colorado Rockies, the fans give the Wilpons (and Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez and all the other dogs who don’t belong on a major league diamond) a piece of their collective minds. A loud ass chant of: “Sell the Team” might open up a few eyes, though don’t bet on. Those eyes are probably trained on the lawsuits being taken up against Fred and Jeff. Sigh.

So get set for another year of Omar Minaya conference calls and Jeff and Fred Wilpon undue votes of confidence. Why even bother for optimism anymore?