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Mets Fall to .500 Mark For First Time Since June 2nd

By Adam Garnett

It’s been awhile now (two months to be exact), but the Mets are once again a .500 ballclub. Their run of horrific offensive baseball continued last night in Atlanta where the not so Amazins’ dropped a 4-1 decision to Tim Hudson and the Braves. Once again, Johan Santana had a rough first inning, giving up 3 hits, and 3 runs, while walking 2 batters.

Combined with the 6 runs he gave up in the first inning last Wednesday vs. St. Louis, Johan has now surrendered a whopping 9 runs in the initial frame in his last two starts. Considering the state of the Mets offense right now, it is just about game over if the starting pitcher digs that deep a hole. But seriously, Johan Santana is the least of the Mets problems right now. This team cannot score runs to save their life (and their season, which for all intents and purposes has been flushed down the toilet).

The infusion of Carlos Beltran into the lineup has done very little to stop the bleeding. Jason Bay has been abysmal all year and is now stuck the DL. David Wright and Jose Reyes have been too streaky and lack consistency in their approach at the plate. Jeff Francoeur has no clue how to work a count, or get a hit for that matter. Ike Davis has predictably encountered some of the peaks and valleys most rookie sluggers do. I can go on and on here, but the bottom line is when Angel Pagan is the most feared hitter in your lineup, your team is in a world of hurt.

Though I was stuck covering the that other team in the Bronx tonight and was unable to watch the game, I was able to listen to the radio broadcast on my handy dandy iPhone. When Luis Castillo botched the double play attempt ion the first inning, Wayne Hagen and Howie Rose were really giving him the business. If I deciphered their code correctly, they basically called him a piece of shit who doesn’t deserve to sniff the field the rest of the season.


When your own homer broadcasters are ripping the players to the degree they laid into Castillo, I’d say, it may be time to change things up a wee bit. But as we know, the Wilpons would never have the balls to send a message and send Castillo packing. They foolishly invested too much money in a guy who simply put, doesn’t even belong in the major leagues right now and couldn’t stomach owning up to their ginormous mistake and cutting his ass. That my friends is called organizational dysfunction and that is why I am convinced that until ownership’s philosophy of doing business is altered, this team is never going to win a damn thing, sad as it may sound. Enjoy the .500 mark because the way things are shaping up, you may not see it again for the rest of 2010