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Its Time for a Manager Change

By Unknown author

We’ve all seen the Mets highs and lows during this season. But right now it appears as though the Mets are at the lowest of the low. After the All-Star break, the Mets (at the end of July), only won 5 of their 16 games against opponents including the Giants, Diamonbacks, Dodgers, and the Cardinals.

Its about time the Mets consider replacing Jerry Manuel, and Howard Johnson too. This team is starting to get frustrated, and are under more pressure to play better. The offense isn’t hitting, and the defense is starting to now fall apart. If something is not done, the season could become a nightmareish one for sure.

I was surprised to hear that after discussions with the Front Office, that GM Omar Minaya had all the confidence in the world for Jerry. Hey Omar, you still have the confidence now that the Mets are falling out of the division race more and more everyday? Its time for the Mets front office to start discussing potential canadiates for the manager’s job, and hitting coaches job, because by not doing so only hurts the Mets more and more.