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Mets Did Nothing at the Trade Deadline

By Unknown author

I wouldn’t get too excited readers.  The non-waiver trade deadline has come and passed, and the Mets went without making a trade for a starter or a reliever. The Mets had discussions with the Cubs, Red Sox, and Astros about pitchers including Ted Lilly (who ultimately went to the Dodgers), Ramon Ramirez (who went to the Giants), and Brett Myers (who is staying put, with a contract extenstion).

Before yesterdays game with the D’Backs, GM Omar Minaya told reporters quote.

"“We came close to some of the things we had been talking about, but in the end we really got to some of the prospects that were being asked of us, guys like Ike Davis or Jonathon Niese or even some of your younger players to be in some of these trades, and we were just not able to find the right team,” – GM Omar Minaya"

Atleast the Mets tried to make some moves. You can’t say they didn’t try. But in the end, i think not trading prospects including Ike Davis, or Jonathon Niese for middle-of-the-rotation guys was the best move the Mets made at the deadline. By keeping these guys, the Mets have a solid future of star players like Ike, and Niese. I can understand why they didn’t make a trade, and it was actually a great thing.

The Mets seem to have a plan in mind for next season, and by not trading Jonathan Niese, and Ike Davis, solidifies that these guys will be in a Mets uniform for years to come.