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Red Sox Offered Ramon Ramirez for Rod Barajas?

By Unknown author

The Mets have been scouting around the league for pitchers over the last month, that are on the trading block. Cliff Lee didn’t happen, and now Dan Haren didn’t happen either (although the Mets had little interest in Haren). Now, according to WEEI of Boston, the Boston Red Sox offered the Mets reliever Ramon Ramirez. Who did the Sox want in return for Ramirez? Rod Barajas.

The Mets got this offer before putting Rod Barajas on the disabled list yesterday. So, the Red Sox and Mets have thrown different players out in a deal. Although according to the article from WEEI, sources say that a deal is unlikely to happen.

Here’s how i see things. If R.A. Dickey, or someone else goes down with an injury before July 31st, the Mets would have almost no choice but to give up on some players/prospects and go after someone to help improve the ballclub. If the Mets don’t, not only will it look bad on the Mets front office, it will also look bad for Omar Minaya.