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Mets Trade Focus Towards Relievers and Starting Pitching

By Unknown author

The trade deadline is 48 hours away, and the Mets have now leaned towards trading for relief pitchers and starting pitching. But, the question is, can the Mets pull the trigger on a deal?

As i reported the other day, the Red Sox asked the Mets for Rod Barajas, and in return the Mets would receive reliever Ramon Ramirez. Unfortunately, the Mets placed Barajas on the DL so that trade fell flat. The Mets are in a state where they apparently have very little money to spend on contracts for players, and most relievers are fairly cheaper than going after a starting pitcher (like Roy Oswalt) who is being owed more than 30 million for this year, and next year.

The Mets have looked at several relievers including Chad Qualls of the D’Backs, Scott Downs, and Kevin Gregg who are both on the Tornoto Blue Jays, and even Matt Capps of the Nationals. In the last 24-48 hours, there’s been reports that the Mets are also being linked to Kerry Wood, but Wood is currently on the DL.

As of tonight, the Mets have also been discussing starting pitching with the Chicago Cubs. The Mets have asked about Ted Lilly, and according to’s Matthew Cerrone, the Cubs want C Josh Tole in return for Ted Lilly. Its been well known that the Mets will not part with the future for a middle-of-the-rotation guy. The Mets have also asked about Tom Gorzelanny, but the Cubs say he is untouchable.

As the trade deadline continues to approach us, it seems more than likely that the Mets won’t make some sort of trade to bolster the team at the deadline for a second consecutive year. The Mets reportedly are playing the “wait and see” game with players and teams. So its still possible that the Mets could go and acquire a player, but seems unlikely.