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Are the Mets Still Looking for Starting Pitching?

By Unknown author

Update July 19th: According to’s Matthew Cerrone, WFAN radio host Mike Francesca said that he’s spoken to a source within the Mets organization saying that the Mets will make a “proper trade” and that the Mets organization has “no financial restrictions”.

As the trade deadline fast approaches, the Mets are in the market for starting pitchers right? Well, it appears they may not be afterall. According to Andy Martino of the New York Daily News, the Mets are now less likely to acquire a starting pitcher.  Martino says that because of the Cliff Lee trade, and the “emergence” of R.A. Dickey, the Mets are less into the market for a starter.  The Mets are interested in Brett Myers, Roy Oswalt, Jake Westbrook, and Ted Lilly.

With the Mets not hitting (getting shut out) over the past couple of days, it seems to me that the Mets need to go after a hitter, like Adam Dunn, or maybe even Prince Fielder.  I know Prince Fielder would be out of the question but Adam Dunn could be a good fit for the Mets.  Dunn has hit in clutch situations before, like when Dunn hit a double that ultimately won the game for the Nats against the Mets earlier this month.

The Mets have not hit in the clutch all season long, even with Jason Bay.  For Adam Dunn, his contract is up after this season, and the Mets could use another bat in the outfield.  It seems that the Mets are not into hitters in the market but if the Mets continue to luck out in clutch situations, then something tells me that the front office will go after another bat for the lineup.  If the Mets continue to struggle and are out of the race come the end of July, then a trade at the deadline may appear immiment.