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Selig: Mets “Deserve” an All-Star Game

By Unknown author

On the day after the NL got their first win in the All-Star Game since 1996, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig spoke to the Baseball Writers Association through his annual meeting. Selig was asked about the possibility of the Mets possibily getting an All-Star game in the near future. Bud Selig said.

"“the Mets have built a great new ballpark and, yes, they deserve an All-Star Game.”"

There has been speculation as to whether or not the Mets are going to be awarded the 2013 MLB All-Star Game. Bud Selig would not confirm the speculation. The last time the Mets had the MLB All-Star Game, was back in 1964. If the speculation was true, i would be thrilled. This would a great All-Star Game. For the reason being, the Mets have a state-of-the-art ballpark, and i believe Citi Field would be a great place to host the all-star game.

The reason that Shea Stadium didn’t host another all-star game was mainly because to many, it wasn’t as state-of-the-art as others stadiums back in the day. But, if the Mets do get an All-Star Game, expect it to be a great turnout for the Amazin’s as the All-Star rarely comes to Citi Field.