New York Mets News

The Latest from the Cliff Lee Rumor Mill

By Adam Garnett

Rumors are just that….rumors, but according to the Seattle Times, the Mets appear to be very much in pursuit of Cliff Lee and something could go down sooner rather than later. Do you think Josh Thole, Angel Pagan and Jenrry Mejia would be enough to get the job done and if you were Omar Minaya, would you deal that trio to procure Lee’s services for 3 months?

I am torn. I’d hate to see Pagan and Mejia go, but Pagan has peak value right now and Mejia is an unknown. Thole could be a solid big league catcher but is not a star level prospect by any stretch. If last night’s poor pitching performance by R.A. Dickey showed us anything, it is that this team needs another starter if they want to dream big. I know the fans have wild fantasies about a Lee, Johan Santana, Mike Pelfrey top end of the rotation. The question is, do the Wilpons share those dreams. If all goes down as is being reported, we may find out very soon.