New York Mets News

Mets Hit the Road After Finishing Interleague Play (unfortunately)

By Adam Garnett

The Mets have seen the last of the American League (in the regular season that is….sorry crazy hot streaks have me dreaming big) which is really too bad. The Amazin’s did a number on the AL this season, compiling a lofty 13-5 record vs. the Junior Circuit. Granted,the Mets did take on the horrid Baltimore Orioles and Cleveland Indians, but they also had to tussle with the Yankees six times and the very game Minnesota Twins and Detroit Tigers. No matter, a 13-5 stretch in any time frame is nothing to sneeze at.


So now it is back to divisional play and it starts tonight in Puerto Rico when the Mets take on The Florida Marlins, sand Bobby Valentine. There are conflicting reports floating around, but according to Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi of, Bobby V. is out of the running to manage the Fish. Beyond that bit of extraneous news, the Mets roll into the series with Florida 11 games over .500 and just 1/2 game out of the top spot in the NL East. Their starting pitching, other than those games started by one Johan Santana, continues to be awesome.

The trio of my new favorite player, R.A. Dickey, Hisanori Takahashi and All-Star game bound (not officially, but there is no doubt) Mike Pelfrey will try and keep the ball rolling down in the Caribbean. The Mets get lucky and will miss facing perhaps the NL’s second best starting pitcher, Josh Johnson. They will have to do battle against Ricky Nolasco, Nate Robertson and Chris Volstad, none of whom are pushovers.

You know what though, it doesn’t seem to matter who the Mets face off against these days. With Cliff Lee rumors flying all around, Angel Pagan having missed the past four games and Santana faltering, it hasn’t slowed down the juggernaut that is the 2010 New York Metropolitans. I know, I am getting a little giddy here, but there is so much to like about this squad right now. The chemistry appears to be off the charts good in the clubhouse (unlike the situations in Tampa Bay and on the Northside of Chicago with the Cubs).

David Wright and Jose Reyes have once again established themselves as the cornerstones of the franchise and are playing at as high a level as they ever have, both offensively and defensively. Then of course there is the aforementioned starting pitching which now boasts the 5th best ERA (3.66) in all of baseball. This staff as constituted cannot simply continue to dominate like they have over the past month. It would defy logic. Then again, R.A. Dickey being 6-o with a 2.33 ERA does just that, so who the hell knows?

I want to pose this question to you Mets fans: Besides Cliff Lee and Roy Oswalt, who would obviously be huge additions but would cost a lot in treasure, which starting hurler would you like to see the team add for the stretch run?