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K-Rod, Johan, And Pelfrey Want Mets to Acquire Front-Line Starter; Who’s on the Mets Wish List

By Unknown author

Mike Pelfrey, Johan Santana, and Francisco Rodriguez all want the Mets to acquire a front-line starter at the trade deadline. The Mets have several starters on their wish list that could fill the Mets need for a front-line starting pitcher. Lets take a look at possible players who could wear a Mets uniform.

Roy Oswalt: Yes, Roy Oswalt has been one of the most talked about players on the trading block. Although within the last two weeks, the Houston Astros have said they will not eat up Oswalt’s contract if a trade was imminent. So it wouldn’t surprise me if the Mets are now turned off for a trade because of the news.

Cliff Lee: The Mets main target is definitely Cliff Lee. The only problem the Mets will have in acquiring him is whether the Mets will give into the Mariners and trade players like Jenrry Mejia, Jonathan Niese, and or Ike Davis. The Mets are very reluctant to trade anyone of those players in a deal for Lee. The Mets have had discussions with Seattle on Lee, but really to no sucess. But, its won’t be a huge loss if they don’t acquire him. The Mets could acquire him in free-agency as his contract runs out this year, but the Yankees seem like his most likely destination