New York Mets News

Is it Adios for Good to Ollie Perez?

By Adam Garnett

Hey Mets fans, here is a little more good news on the day following the sweet come-from-behind victory over the Marlins at Cit Field to complete the three-game sweep. Looks like we never see Oliver Perez don a Mets uniform again. The New York Daily News is reporting that Elmer Dessens has taken over Ollie’s locker in the Mets clubhouse, while youngster Ruben Tejada has moved into Elmer’s old haunt. Looks like both those guys are going to stick around for awhile.


As for Ollie, it seems as if the league office isn’t buying into the peculiar timing of the patella tendinitis diagnosis in his right knee that forced him to the DL on Friday. According to the Daily News, the commissioner’s office is still reviewing medical information from the Mets to determine if any rules have been violated. As has been well documented, Ollie has refused on a number of occasions (as is his right due to service time) to accept an assignment to the minor leagues to try and work out the “kinks”.

Looks like Ollie and his sinister agent Scott Boras overplayed their hand here, though Perez is still obviously going to get paid the outrageous sum left on his 3-year/$36 million deal. In the end, you have to believe that is all that has ever really mattered to Ollie, just another mental midget who will have ended up wasting his significant talents away.

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