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Why Instant Replay Would Be Great for MLB

By Unknown author

I know this doesn’t have much to do with the Mets, but thought this would be good for discussion.

Instant replay for sitautations beyond home run calls, has been talked about for more than acouple of years now.  Owners, and others in the game are in favor of it (Joe Girardi gave it a thumbs up in his postgame press conference on Wednesday), and Bud Selig continues to make excuses as to not having it. With the controversial call made during Wednesday night’s Detroit Tigers game whenP Armando Galarraga was 1 out away from a perfect game and 1st base umpire Jim Joyce called the runner safe when clearly the replay showed he was out, the public outcry to implement instant replay became even louder.  For those who haven’t watched the replay, watch it here and comment.  You can also see Call to the Pen’s analysis of the game.

Also, during Wednesday’s Rays game against the Blue Jays, Sean Rodriguez was called out for not touching 3rd base coming home on a single by Ben Zobrist.  That call too was a mistake as shown on the replay.  Come on now!  Two missed calls in one night?  What a joke! We have the technology available to get this right so let’s get it right.

Now, how does this affect the Mets? Well, the Mets, like all other MLB team have both benefited and been burned by blown calls.  Most recently (that i could find) is from May 12th, of last year.  The Mets won a a bad call from umpire Greg Gibson when a throw to 3rd base by Braves C Brian McCann was called safe by the umpire.  Carlos Beltran was the runner who was called safe at third. 

The point of this whole rant is that Major League Baseball seriously needs to look into the matter of instant replay for more than just home runs.  The human integrity of the game has changed, and more calls are becoming blown calls more than ever.  Historical accolades like the near-perfect game in Detroit two days ago, and games during the regular season are being taken away from teams that earned them because of the games “human integrity.

Its about time we look into the future of baseball, and institute instant replay because more calls will be accurate and the game of baseball will become more accurate.  Sure, teams will argue calls, and the game will take longer, but in the end, they’ll get it right.