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Mets Offense Starting to Get Going Again

By Unknown author

The Mets are on a three game winning streak, and the Mets offense is starting to get going once again!   The Mets beat the Yanks in the Subway Series, and now are looking at beating the Phillies for the first time this year (i promise I won’t get too comfortable).  The Mets offense is starting to click thanks to the likes of the following.

  • Jason Bay:  As Adam mentioned, Jason Bay hit 2 HR’s against CC and the Yankees.  Against the Phils last night, Bay included an RBI groundout.  Bay is now starting to bring guys in whether he brings them in by a HR, or an out.   That is something the Mets need dearly. 
  • Jose Reyes:  Yes, Jose is now hitting well too.  Jose went 3 for 5 yesterday night against the Phillies, and stole 2 bases.   Jose is starting to come around, and its a great thing to see.  Usually when Jose Reyes scores the first run of the game, the Mets have a great chance of winning the game.  That is what Reyes brings to the table!  Reyes also said after last nights win that he has been trying to “get his legs under him” in order to get bunt singles, and regular singles into the outfield.
  • David Wright: You all may think why David Wright?  David Wright has hit good in both the Yanks and Phils series.  Last night, Wright had an RBI double.

The Mets offense isn’t the only part of the team that is on a roll, but so is the pitching.  I will actually give credit to the starting rotation and the bullpen.  The rotation has been flawless.  Over the last 5 days, the Mets got quality starts from Hirosani Takahashi, Johan Santana, R.A Dickey, and Mike Pelfrey.  All four of these starters gave the Mets a chance to win the game by shutting down the opposing hitters.  Now, the bullpen hasn’t been as great as the rotation, but atleast they can save the game for the Mets.  During acouple of games, many of us probably were gonna have a heart attack or something, but the Mets bullpen kept it together and the Mets would win the ballgame.

The Mets will continue their series with the Phillies, and then face the Brewers.  We will have to find out if the Mets continue the streak!